Kernel started exporting new oil and fat products to China

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Kernel started exporting new oil and fat products to China



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Kernel started exporting refined deodorized winterized oil produced from worm-pressed sunflower oil to China under the "Chudovyi Smak" brand.

"Currently, China is the largest food importer in the world, so all exporters dream of entering such a promising market. Kernel has been supplying sunflower oil to China for several years now and we are always ready for the new market requirements. One of them is the demand for ecologically clean and natural products. The Chinese consumer is ready to give up the usual oil, giving preference to the high-quality Ukrainian product," said Sergey Kirichenko, Director of Prykolotne Oil Crushing Plant.

According to him, in 2018 the company was requested by its partner, Sinopharm, to produce refined deodorized winterized oil from worm-pressed sunflower oil.

"The main feature of this oil is that it is produced from worm-pressed sunflower oil and requires special technological modes of equipment operation," explained Sergey Kirichenko.

It is reported that the "Chudovyi Smak" worm-pressed oil produced at Prykolotne Oil Crushing Plant is already being sold in China.

Previously reported that Kernel planned to construct a thermal power plant (TPP) in the territory of its greenfield crushing plant in Khmelnytsk region.