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Dear colleagues!

Our slogan “Information. Strategy. Growth” affirms that UkrAgroConsult's team is oriented on the market expansion, profit growth and market leadership. An endless flow of news, facts and estimates coming every day along with severe time constraints is today's reality of agricultural analytics.

Our company’s experience proves that effective analysis of the agricultural market is only possible on the basis of innovative solutions. We are confident that high speed access to raw market data is generally not a problem by itself. However, the most crucial requirement is the capability to evaluate these data, make comparisons and draw conclusions.

To enable our customers making correct and efficient decisions, UkrAgroConsult’s experts provide them with analytical data, market scenarios and forecasts. These market scenarios combine fundamental and technical factors together into a single comprehensive platform AgriSupp.com. Independent analysis of the agricultural market is combined with highly dynamic visualization of the initial data. This allows forecasting of key trends proactively and efficiently.

Success comes only to courageous, strategically minded managers. UkrAgroConsult keeps focusing on assistance how to expand profitability of our customers - this is exactly what generates demand for UkrAgroConsult’s services.

Yours Sincerely,
Director General
Sergey Feofilov



Director General 

About UkrAgroConsult:
Consulting agency UkrAgroConsult was founded in 1994 and has over 25 years of expertise in agricultural markets of Ukraine and the Black Sea region. The company is based in Kyiv, Ukraine.

UkrAgroConsult serves global agribusiness operators from 50+ countries worldwide, delivering quality market information and analysis for effective decision making. The company provides a range of services, including analytical reports on grains, oilseeds and pulses, food industry, deep market research, investment consulting, business planning etc.

UkrAgroConsult is an organizer of the major international conferences on grains and oilseeds, in particular, annual conferences "Black Sea Grain" and "Black Sea Oil Trade" in Kyiv.

Company's analytical services are trusted by agricultural holdings and farms, leading international and Ukrainian agricultural producers, traders, processors, investors, banks etc.

UkrAgroConsult cooperates with the leading international and intergovernmental organizations in the agrarian sector.

Principles of activity UkrAgroConsult

A responsibility

We understand our responsibility for the services provided, reports, research to the market, customers, partners, by the staff. We sell the future" and our success depends on customer confidence.


We offer highly professional independent analytical products focused on global agricultural markets.


We identify market drivers in a timely manner using effective tools and methods of research and analysis.

Advantages of UkrAgroConsult


We offer highly professional independent analytical reports about global agricultural markets.


More than 25 years experience in market research and analysis.


World recognition

We provide high-quality and reliable analytics of agri markets of Black Sea region and world.


We identify market drivers quickly using effective tools and methods of analysis.


We offer online services and platforms for agricultural market participants.


We are trusted by state, international and interstate organizations.

UkrAgroConsult Key Competence

Online Analytics

We offer all necessary data on the agricultural markets of the Black Sea countries in our online platform. The latest information, high-quality analytics, historical data and reliable forecasts.

Market Research

UkrAgroConsult conducts desk and quantitative research aimed at identifying the main factors, which influence the market. Studies contain complete, ordered information on agricultural markets based on an in-depth analysis of statistical and market data.

International Conferences

UkrAgroConsult arranges annual international conferences "Black Sea Grain" and "Black Sea Vegoil Trade", seminars and workshops for more than 17 years. Agricultural market participants from 50+ countries attand our events.