Agrofusion wheat and barley yield improved 14 pct

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Agrofusion wheat and barley yield improved 14 pct



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The Agrofusion group of companies finalized early grains harvesting on 14.6 thousand hectares.

"The yield of wheat and barley increased 14 percent due to the irrigated areas expansion and sustainable development principle compliance," the company comments.

The average yield per crop in season 2019 is as follows:

    peas — 4,14 t/ha;
    white mustard — 0,9 t/ha;
    winter wheat — 5,3 t/ha;
    winter barley — 5,5 t/ha.

The highest yields recorded for winter barley reach 8 t/ha in some fields.

Soil preparations for the harvest of 2020 are underway.

In the current season, wheat production in Ukraine is expected to reach 28.8 Mt in using an average yield of 4.36 t/ha vs 3.82 t/ha last year.

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