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Belarus. Precipitation shortfalls persist in most of the country for over a month now



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Recent rainfalls in Belarus replenished soil moisture content, particularly in the top layer. According to the latest observations, the top 10-layer of soil is moderately wet in most of the country. This factor helps farmers complete sowing and facilitates emergence of heat-loving crops, as well as crop care operations, reports UkrAgroConsult.

The average soil temperature at the 10-cm depth equals +15..+17°С, locally +18..+20°С. However, in the south-east and some central parts of Belarus, where precipitation was scarce, the top 10-cm layer is still scarcely wet. Single weather stations report dry topsoil – this worsens the conditions for emergence of late crops.

Precipitation shortfalls have been observed in most of Belarus for over a month now. Precipitation rates in the current growing season by mid-May totaled 50-70% of normal for this time. The most significant shortage was registered in Gomel region, which received mostly just 25-35% of normal precipitation in this period, therefore the agrometeorological situation deteriorated in the area. Rainfalls expected in the coming days will not be able to fully eliminate the moisture shortage there.

Sowing of spring crops was already 93.3% complete as of May 18. Belarusian farmers sowed 2.389 Ml ha against 2.158 Ml ha in 2017. In addition, they have finished sowing of early spring cereals and pulses, as well as corn for grain. Plantings of early cereals totaled more than 1.019 Ml ha, with those of corn for grain at 139.3 Th ha.

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