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EVT Port Grain Terminal Completes Sinking Piles For 20 New Silos



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EVT port grain terminal has completed sinking 4,000 piles for erecting 20 grain silos as part of phase three of the development of the terminal, the press service of EVT said on Friday.

“Sinking piles in the ground is the most difficult and time-consuming step in the construction of silos. The advantage of this method is the reliability and stability of the structure, as well as the ability to carry out excavation work in a short time,” the press service said.

As reported, the piles were sunk to a depth of 13 meters. For each silo, 200 piles were driven. Next, the concrete foundation of the future silos was poured.

According to EVT, nine such bases are currently ready. The installation of metal structures and the assembly of the domes of three silos are going on. The dome of the first silo is being prepared for raising.

It is planned that by the beginning of the 2020/2021 agricultural year, the construction of eight silos with a storage capacity of 8,800 cubic meters each will be fully completed.



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