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In January-August food products in Russia rose in price 3.8 times faster than in the EU



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The growth of prices for food products in Russia in January-August 2018 amounted to 1.5%, while in the EU food became more expensive by 0.4%, reports the Federal state statistics service (Rosstat).

At the same time in August, prices for food products in Russia fell by 0.5%, in the EU they fell by 0.1%.

As reported, in 2017 food products in Russia rose in price more slowly than in the EU, it was observed for the first time since 2011. The growth of food prices in Russia in 2017 amounted to 0.7%, while in the EU - 2.6%.

According to Rosstat, in Russia in January-August 2018 there was a significant increase in prices for fruit - 6.8% (in the EU - 2.7%) and meat and meat products - 3% (in the EU - 0.3%).

In Russia sugar, jam, honey, chocolate and sweets have risen in price by 2.5% since the beginning of the year (on average in the European Union - by 0.3%), fish and seafood - by 2% (in the EU - by 1.6%), bakery products and cereals - by 0.7% (in the European Union - by 0.9% on average), oil and fats - by 0.4% (in the EU - by 0.3%).

In January-August vegetables in Russia became cheaper by 4.4% (on average in the EU – by 1.9%), dairy products, cheeses and eggs – by 0.5% (in the EU – by 0.1%).


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