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Indonesia: “Gen Y” and New Reality in Food Consumption



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Global transformation is shaping new consumer trends,  affecting the food segment as well. Erwin Sudharma, Conference speaker and Expert at Bogasari Flour Mills, the largest Indonesian flour milling enterprise, will share how food consumption trends of 1/7th of the Earth population change within growing Indonesian market.

"With Indonesia's 153 million Millenial consumers purchasing power increasing, it's important to understand the middle-class' food trends and preferences. Our millennials are creating a new market for Indonesia and are idealistic with their purchasing choices. They want their personalities to be represented in the products they purchase and are looking for nutritious, sustainable food products, - Mr. Sudharma cooments.

Millenials, or generation Y, are predicted to take the lead of Indonesia's economy, including its wheat flour market, over the next five years.

Before 2015/16, Indonesia imported mainly Australian wheat, but given the recent decline in Australia’s export potential, the country increasingly prefers wheat from the Black Sea region.  In the past 2018/19 season, Indonesia imported almost 3,6 MMT of wheat from Ukraine and Russia.

Being the world's largest wheat consumer, Indonesia has become the No. 1 market for Ukrainian wheat exports over the past 3 years. In the current 2019/20 season, wheat export pace from Ukraine is even 5% higher than last year, which indicates further strengthening of cooperation and likelihood of new records".

Erwin Sudharma has an education in food technology. He started his career at the Indonesia Bogasari Flour Mill, and made his way from working on the production line to the position of Operations Manager. In 2007, he received a diploma from the Swiss Flour School, and in 2012 joined Buhler Indonesia as Head of the Technical Department. In 2018, Erwin returned to Bogasari, a division of Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk, as Deputy CEO.

Our guests will be able to hear Mr. Sudharma’s report on April 22, during Session 1, at BLACK SEA GRAIN – 2020

And Which Generation Do You Belong To?

✅ Generation of "Boomers" (40-60s of XX century)

✅ Generation X, the "lost" (60-80s of the XX century)

✅ Generation Y, the Millennials (80-90s of the XX century)

✅ Generation Z, "Zoomers" (born after 2000)

Be reminded that 17th International Conference 'Black Sea Grain-2020' will be held on April 22-23, 2020 in Intercontinental hotel, Kyiv, Ukraine. Delegates from 25 countries are already on board!

The Conference is organized by UkrAgroConsult. General Sponsor of the Conference - ACTAVA TRADING, Official Sponsors – Sierentz, Cerealcom Dolj, Exclusive Exchange Sponsor – CME Group. Sponsors - Filhet-Allard Maritime, INTL FCStone, ANDE LOGISTICS, GP Global. The Conference is supported by GAFTA and Ukrainian Grain Association.






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