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Kazakhstan became the top linseed grower



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Kazakhstan is becoming the world’s undoubted leader in linseed production, having outstripped Russia, Canada, China and India. Kazakh farmers harvested 719 KMT of linseed this year. Its plantings have expanded 100 times over the past decade. The reasons include the fact that this crop is easy and cheap to grow, reports UkrAgroConsult.

According to the Statistics Committee, linseed accounts for almost half the total oilseed crop (49%). As of today, linseed stocks exceed 1 MMT that is 6% more than last year.

However, the linseed market’s export potential is not tapped in full. For instance, permits for supplying Kazakh linseed to China have not been issued yet, though Chinese demand remains strong for both linseed oil and linseed. In addition, geographical proximity and low logistics costs could well enable Kazakhstan to compete with Canada, which is China’s main supplier of linseed.

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