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Kernel explained explosion reasons at TransBulkTerminal



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On March 29th, during the construction works on the territory of TransBulkTerminal (the port of Chernomorsk, Odesa region), the structural division the Kernel company, an inflammation of dust air mixture occurred.

“The Kernel Company hereby confirms that on March 29th, 2019, during the construction works at the TransBulkTerminal, there was an inflammation of dust air mixture without subsequent fire. The flaming was promptly eliminated, the employee who carried out the plumbing work nearby was not injured as he was out of the flash zone. Information about the burns employee suffered that presented earlier in the media is not true,” commented the company.

The report states that the employee underwent an operative medical examination confirming the absence of any injuries. The employee does not need hospitalization and further treatment.

“The emergency situation was caused by the contracting organization, which, despite the strict requirements of the enterprise for the safety of engineering works, flagrantly violated them during construction operations, putting the lives and health of the company's employees at risk,” Kernel commented.

As noted by the company, TransBulkTerminal’s management took all the necessary steps to quickly resolve the emergency situation. Upon the incident at the enterprise, a special commission was established to determine the incident circumstances.

Currently, the enterprise is functioning as normal.


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