Kernel new crushing plant will be operational in 2020

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Kernel new crushing plant will be operational in 2020



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Kernel's greenfield crushing plant in Khmelnytsk region will be operational in 2020, reports with reference to KMZ Industries statement.

“The plant will be the most modern in its segment. High-tech equipment will be installed here and European standards of quality, labor protection and ecology will be introduced,” the report says.

The designed capacity of the plant is 1 million tons annually, the highest to date in Ukraine.

As stated in the message, the plant will be equipped with KMZ Industries machinery:

    12 silo for damp grain;
    2 silos for dry grain;
    24 silos for oilseed meal and granulated husk;
    6 silos for non-granulated husk.

The total storage capacity should reach 56.3 thou. tons.

The investment of around USD130 million is allocated for the construction. The project will be financed from the Eurobond proceeds raised in 2017. The commissioning of the plant is scheduled for 2020.


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