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Ksg Agro plans to increase pork production by 15% in 2020



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KSG Agro agricultural holding intends to achieve a 15% increase in pig breeding in live weight for 2020 compared to 2019.

“Increasing production is our strategic goal. Moreover, the market situation and increasing demand contribute to this. Therefore, our plans this year are to increase pig breeding products in live weight by 15% compared to the same indicator in 2019,” KSG Agro Board Chairman Serhiy Kasyanov told Interfax-Ukraine.

According to him, the agricultural holding did not revise investment plans for 2020 due to quarantine and the uncertain economic situation in Ukraine.

“These plans are valid and we did not change them. The planned investment for the year to continue the reconstruction of the main industrial complex and the start of the design of the genetic reproducer will be about UAH 25 million. The genetic reproducer will produce Danish boars and sows, which will allow us to reduce costs and start sales to other customers,” the owner of KSG Agro said.

Kasyanov said that in 2020 the holding plans to increase exports of manufactured products.

“In the first quarter of this year, we exported 1,356 tonnes of wheat flour to Libya. Export volumes are growing. For comparison, we shipped 720 tonnes of wheat flour for 2019. So far, despite the crisis, we plan to increase the export of our products. In the second quarter we intend to export 2,000 tonnes of wheat flour, some 1,000 tonnes of barley, some 500 tonnes of refined sunflower oil and some 1,000 tonnes of other goods,” the KSG Agro board chairman said.

KSG Agro, a vertically integrated holding, is engaged in pig breeding and production, storage, processing and sale of grain and oilseeds. As of June 30, 2019, the land bank of the holding in Ukraine amounted to about 27,000 hectares.


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