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Romania. Low night air temperatures were unfavorable for winter crops



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Weather conditions. Air temperatures dropped all over Romania. Their values in the north and southeast were 2..1°С below the long-term average for this period, being within a normal range in the rest of the country. The average air temperature was -12..+6°C.

Moisture supply. Precipitation in the form of rain and sleet occurred everywhere. High precipitation rates were registered in the north (35-50 mm over the week), while the south received 10-25 mm. This will help ease the impact of soil drought.

Snow cover built up locally in the north, south and in mountainous areas. Snow melting was observed in the daytime under above-freezing temperatures.

On February 7-9, night air temperatures in central and southern farming areas fell below -10°..-18°C. That freeze was unfavorable for winter crops in view of their poor hardiness and the absence of adequate snow cover. However, that cold spell lasted for a short time: it started to get warmer in the country on February 10, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Within the coming 1-7 days, air temperatures below 0°C (-1...-4°C) are forecast in the north of the country, where the ground is covered with snow.

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