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The grain harvest in Europe will decrease slightly for heat



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Heat wave in Western Europe, which may reduce the grain harvest, will not last long, so do not lead to such losses that were during the drought last year.

On Friday, the temperature in France reached a record value.

Traders hope that the heat will not last long, especially after the recent rainfall the crops are in good condition, and the development of winter crops is almost complete. Therefore, the influence of weather conditions to be mild and slightly reduce grain yield.

Some analysts reduced the forecast of production of soft wheat in the EU, but all estimates exceed 140 million tons, far exceeding last year's crop of 129 million tonnes, which suffered from drought.

In France, which is the largest grain producer in the EU, the yield of wheat, which was in the early stages of inflation, may drop 3-5 kg/ha. the content of protein, which is an important indicator of the quality of grain, may increase.

Heat can speed up the wheat harvest in France, as was the case with winter barley, the collection of which began earlier and the yield is not deteriorated because the grain has already ripened.

High temperatures can cause damage to the later crops such as spring barley, maize and sugar beet. However, soon the heat will subside.

For Germany, which last year suffered the most from drought, the crop forecasts are reduced slightly.

Poland also expect moderate losses. The production forecast was reduced by 200 thousand tons to 10.7 million tons, up 9% over last year's harvest.
In Britain, where extreme temperatures were not, wheat is in good condition and is in need of warm, Sunny weather for the yield at a level above the average.

Harvest of rapeseed, the main oilseed crop in the EU, according to experts will be the lowest in 10 years as a result of adverse weather conditions last year.


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