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Turkey. Annual agricultural production projections for 2018 have been updated



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The Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) has released new projections for the year of 2018 regarding agricultural production. These projections indicate a 4.2 % decline in grain and other agricultural products, a 3 % decline in vegetables and a 1.7 % decline in fruit production.

Grain production is expected to drop to 65.5 million tons whereas vegetable production will decline to 29.9 million tons. Fruit production will also drop to 20.5 million tons.

Looking in detail to specific products, potato production will decline by 5.2 % to 4.6 million tons whereas the largest production decline will happen in leek with a 22.3 % drop followed by a 7.1 % decrease in onion and by a 4.7 % fall in tomato.

Projections also indicate a 17.1 % decrease in apple production, 3.3 % drop in pomegranate, 2.8 % decline in melon, 23.9 % fall in apricot and a 6.4 % downswing in grape production. The only notable production increases in fruits are in strawberry with a 7 % rise followed by a 5.3 % increase in mandarin and a 35.2 % hike in banana production.

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