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Ukraine. Winter and spring crops are in good and fair condition



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Weather conditions. The first half of May featured moderately warm weather with significant fluctuation in the average daily temperature. In early May, the latter was close to normal, ranging from 13.2°C to 16.9°C. The weather conditions promoted active growth of winter, spring grains and pulses.

Moisture supply. Rain changed for better growing conditions for all crops as it stopped the air and soil drought in many areas. Almost no dry wind events were reported. In areas that had received too little rainfall to increase 0-100 cm moisture content substantially, the topsoil moisture situation did improve. Late spring crops, which had long (actually since the very planting) suffered from moisture shortages specifically in the upper soil layer, got more favorable conditions for their development. On May 1-10, the upper 0-10 cm soil layer was largely well moistened in most fields, UkrAgroConsult reports.

Crop condition. Rainfall and nearly normal air temperatures have considerably improved growing conditions for winter grains in most of the country; the plants are rated good and fair. Spring crops are in good and fair condition. Farmers have finished planting early spring grains (wheat, barley, oats), peas and sugar beet. Planting of late crops (corn, sunflower, soy) is in progress.

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