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Ukraine. Warm and dry weather has negative effect on late-sown crops maturation



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The weather on September 1-10 was hot with large temperature swings between day and night. Such weather conditions have a negative effect on both maturation of late-sown crops and tillage before planting winter crops. Already emerged winter rape plantings are sparse even after rain, UkrAgroConsult reports.

Minor precipitation occurred almost all over the country, but these events were local, uneven.

Weather forecast for September 15-20:

  • Warm, dry weather all over the country;
  • Air temperature will be 23 … 25°C in the western, eastern and southern regions, 21 … 23°C in the north, and 24 … 26°C in the central regions;
  • The lack of precipitation in the eastern and southern regions may adversely affect corn and sunflower yields, as well as cause a delay in fall planting;
  • In the northern and central regions, the lack of rain may lead to topsoil drying and thereby complicate fall planting;
  • The lack of precipitation in the western regions will allow the soil to dry after persistent rains and thereby facilitate tillage before planting winter crops.

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