US Soyabean Plantation Witnesses Record Lows So Far

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US Soyabean Plantation Witnesses Record Lows So Far



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The 2019 U.S. soybean crop is 39% planted compared to 86% last year and 79% for the 5-year average. This represents an advance of 10% for the week. If we use the March Prospective Planting of 84.6 million acres, then there are more than 51 million acres of soybeans left to plant

The best soybean planting progress last week was in the northwestern Corn Belt where the soybeans in North Dakota are 70% planted (average is 83%), Minnesota is 51% (average is 90%), and South Dakota is 14% (average is 82%). Farmers in the western Corn Belt did get some soybeans planted with Nebraska 64% planted (average is 87%), Iowa is 41% (average is 89%), Kansas is 26% (average is 53%), and Missouri is 18% (average is 63%).

Soybean planting progress remains the slowest in the eastern Corn Belt with 21% of the soybeans planted in Illinois (average is 84%), Indiana is 17% (average is 80%), and Ohio is 18% (average is 76%). Soybean emergence is 19% compared to 65% last year and 56% for the 5-year average. With 51 million acres left to plant, the soybean crop could end up more than 3 weeks later than last year.

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