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USA: $5.8 billion issued in CFAP payments



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Slightly more than half of COVID-19 recovery funds have gone to livestock producers.

As of July 13, 409,423 applications have been approved for the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program and $5.8 billion has been paid.

More than half of the funds have gone to livestock producers, with $2.97 billion spent and 293,513 approved and enrolled applications. Non-specialty producers have received just more than a quarter of funds, with $1.54 billion going to 214,041 approved and enrolled applications. Dairy producers have received $1.2 billion, which has gone to 20,247 approved and enrolled applications. There are 4,620 approved and enrolled applications for specialty growers who have received $158 million.

Where did the money go?

The top states for dairy payments are Wisconsin, California and New York. Wisconsin producers got $247.8 million; California got $171 million and New York producers got $119.9 million.

The top states for livestock payments are Iowa, $306.4 million; Nebraska, $255.7 million; Texas, $235.6 million; Oklahoma, $218.6 million; South Dakota, $214.5 million, and Kansas, $211.5 million.

The top states for non-specialty payments are Iowa, $275.1 million; Illinois, $184.1 million; Nebraska, $167 million, and Minnesota, $150.8 million.

The top states for specialty crop payments are California and Florida. California producers have been paid $69.7 million. Florida producers have been paid $35.5 million.

Iowa leads all other states with the most approved applications, at 38,578. Alaska is at the other end of the scale, with two approved applications. Guam has three approved applications.

Iowa producers have received the most in payments, too, with $618.3 million in CFAP payments. American Samoa growers have received the least in payments at $18,585.



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