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Ukraine Ports Grain-Handling Facilities


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The study contains information on current trends in the agricultural market. The report includes historical data, major trends, major players ranking, short-term and long-term forecasts.

- Grain and Oil Crops: Export Potential of Ukraine
- Ukraine: Demand for Grain Export Terminal Services
- Capacity of Export Grain Handling Market
- Grain Transshipment Technology in Use
- Export Terminal Services Margins
- Key Risks
- Key Factors of the Decision Making

Comparative description of Ukraine’s major grain-handling ports
A1. Сhornomorsk seaport. General description    
A1.1 Transbulkterminal    
A1.2 Illichivsk Grain Terminal    
A1.3 Risoil    
A1.4 Transservice    

A2. Odesa seaport. General description    
A2.1 Ukrelevatorprom Grain Export Terminal    
A2.2 Olympex Coupe Grain Export Terminal    
A2.3 Odesa Grain Terminal (SFGCU)    
A2.4 Novotech terminal    
A2.5 Brooklyn-Kiev    
A2.6 Porto-san    

A3. Yuzhny seaport. General description    
A3.1 TransInvestService (TIS)    
А3.2 Borivage Grain Terminal    
A3.3 MV Cargo (Cargill)    

A4. Mykolaiv ports    
A4.1 Nibulon Grain Terminal of Mykolaiv    
A4.2 Greentour-Ex Terminal    
A4.3 Danube Shipping Stevedoring Company    
Terminal (COFCO)    
A4.4 Mykolaiv port elevator Terminal (SFGCU)    
A4.5 Grain terminal Nika-Tera    

Grain loading at the roadstead of Ochakiv    
B1. Kherson seaport. General description    
B1.1 Kherson bakery plant    
B1.2 Dnipro Cargo    

B2. Mariupol seaport. General description    
B2.1 Ukrtransagro    

B3. Berdyansk seaport. General description    
B3.1 Nova Khortytsya Terminal    

C. Group of other ports    
Construction of new ports. Projects for upgrading and increasing capacity of existing ports    



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Ukraine Ports Grain-Handling Facilities

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