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Ukraine. Elevators and Terminals


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The study contains information on current trends in the agricultural market. The report includes historical data, major trends, major players ranking, short-term and long-term forecasts.

1. Grain and oilseeds market
1.1. General overview
1.2. General trends
   1.2.1. General trends of grain production
   1.2.2. General trends of oilseeds production
   1.2.3. Grain domestic consumption
1.3. Grain and oilseeds market prospects

2. Exports
2.1. Grain export trends
2.2. Oilseed crushing and exports

3. Silo business in Ukraine
3.1. Description of grain storage systems and silo complexes
3.2. Impact of seasonal factors on the utilization rate of silos
3.3. Seasonality of grain purchases by processing companies
3.4. Regional distribution of silos in line with the geographical pattern of grain production and consumption. Availability of storage capacities in the regions
3.5. Key groups of grain storage market players. Analysis of the competitive environment. Main consumers of grain storage services
3.6. Typical silo services and their costs
3.7. Assessment of the prospects of development of the Silo business in Ukraine
3.8. SWOT-analysis and risk-analysis of a project for providing grain storage and shipping services

4. Ukraine: Grain-handling capacities in sea ports
4.1. Port capacities for grain storage and transshipment in the Black and Azov Seas
4.2. Estimated theoretical grain-handling capacities in Ukrainian sea port
4.3. Development trends in Ukraine’s grain-handling port sector
4.4. Estimating actual grain-handling adjusted capacities in Ukraine’s seaports
4.5. Quantitative estimate of load of terminals
4.6. Grain storage capacities in the ports
4.7. Dynamics of grain-handling tariffs in Ukraine
4.8. Assessment of competitive advantages of major ports 
4.9. Assessment of competitive advantages of major ports and terminals

5. Conclusions

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Ukraine. Elevators and Terminals

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