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Inland Grain Logistics. Ways of Widening the Bottleneck


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The study contains information on current trends in the agricultural market. The report includes historical data, major trends, major players ranking, short-term and long-term forecasts.

1. Grain and oilseeds market    
1.1. General overview    
1.2. General trends    
   1.2.1. General trends of grain production
   1.2.2. General trends of oilseeds production    
   1.2.3. Grain domestic consumption    
1.3. Grain and oilseeds market prospects

2. Exports    
2.1. Grain export trends    
2.2. Oilseed crushing and exports

3. Inland storage system. Adequacy with regional grain production volumes and elevator locations

4. Truck transportation    
4.1. Place in the grain trade logistics chain    
4.2. Description of grain trucking    
   4.2.1 Key advantages of truck transportation
   4.2.2 Main geography and destinations
4.3. Tentative cost of transportation and its dependence on the distance    
4.4. Trucking development problems and prospects    

5. Railway transport
5.1. Grain trade’s place in the logistics chain    
5.2. Description of rail grain transportation
   5.2.1. Key routes and volumes of transportation
   5.2.2 Export border points
   5.2.3. Availability and condition of hopper fleet
5.3. Cost of rail shipments
   5.3.1 Rail freight rates, their components and dynamics
   5.3.2. Calculation of delivery cost for key destinations
   5.3.3. Impact of tariffs and costs on shipment volumes and grain trade profitability
5.4. Transport management
5.5. Private wagon fleet, purchase and leasing of hoppers
5.6. Problems and development prospects of rail transportation

6. River transportation    
6.1. Place in the grain trade logistics chain    
6.2. Reasons for interest in developing river cargo transportation
6.3. Description of river grain shipments    
   6.3.1. River waterways and key terminals, technical condition and capacity
   6.3.2.  General description of Ukraine’s river ports. Specialized grain storage capacities at river ports    
6.4. Description of river port terminals    
6.5. River terminals    
6.6. Towing and barge facilities    

7. Sea ports    
7.1. Place in the grain trade logistics chain    
7.2. Description of the port sector from the viewpoint of grain trade

8. Development prospects of grain export logistics



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Inland Grain Logistics. Ways of Widening the Bottleneck

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